Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Buzz of Summer

During July 2006, over 38,000 persons visited the University Libraries, almost 5 percent more than last year. More than 800 people participated in library instruction sessions, including members of the freshman class.

With the end of Summer Sessions, personnel in every unit of Public Services are busy updating or creating new resources to assist students and faculty with the research, teaching and learning.

Some of the projects underway include

• Access Services – An improved interlibrary loan system
• Architecture Library – Newly revised website
• Educational Resources Center – Painting and refurbishing of two e classrooms and individual/group viewing booths
• Information Services – Live chat reference help via AOL, MSN and Yahoo
• Music Listening Center – Audio streaming
• Science Library – New digital resources

This list just touches the surface of our summer efforts. Wikis, blogs, podcasts, and much more are in development. Look for details in future articles


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